How To Mount ISO File

An ISO image is  a “virtual copy” of an optical CD/DVD disc. immeasurable software package is distributed within the style of ISO image/file. To mount an ISO file means that to access its contents as if it had been recorded on a physical medium so inserted within the optical drive. If you downloaded a software package within the style of an ISO image and wish to put in it, mounting it’ll be quicker and easier than recording it on an actual disc.

To mount an ISO image you need to install Ultra ISO first. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open Ultra ISO program first (Start> All Programs> Ultra ISO> Ultra iso).
  2. Go to Tools Menu and click on Mount to Virtual Drive….3
  3. Browse your ISO file, klik Open and Mount it4
  4. And then open your windows explorer to see your mounted ISO File5
  5. After you done with your stuff, you can eject this mounted iso file by Right click on it and choose Eject.

Simple enough right, you can ask anything on comment below and have a nice day……



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